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 polytheists - (romulus214)
06:49pm 15/02/2009
le musée interdit posting in Livejournal Polytheists
Name: Romulus online, unless i know you.

Religion: I started out in Hellenic and Roman reconstructionism moved somewhat out of reconstructionism Greco Roman polytheism with eclectism in the mix.

Patron deities. Well I believe that my patrons are Athena Minerva, Apollo, Dionysus, with some other gods that aren't greek or roman in the mix

Location: Lost in the deserts of Nevada.

Reading materials: I read history and classical authors ie Ovid, Virgil etc along with modern and neopagan publications.

Hobbies. Reading, Learning, expanding my personal path and understanding of the gods, designing and being creative, and attempting writing but we'll see how that goes.
location: Home Office
mood: calmcalm
music: the sounds of the washing machine-
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