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Finding a patron
 polytheists - (tybaltbroods)
04:01pm 22/07/2009
Ty posting in Livejournal Polytheists
 So Im beginning to wonder who my divine patron is,  I am fairly sure that The god or Goddess will be from the Nordic or Celtic Pantheon

what im wondering is are there any good books in the study of either of these pantheons that someone can steer me towards for my own benefit of knowing more about them

thanks in advance!

oh and Merry meet! im new here. 
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04:04am 27/07/2009 (UTC)
WOW what eye openers. i read Exploring the northern tradition in one sitting, and ... wow... a lot of questions but also a lot of Answers, im reading Paxon's book now and thank you for both of these titles, soon i will read the Prose Edda, but im really wanting to now find something dealing with what my research has led me to call "Continental: Heathenry, as im more of germanic stock than Scandinavian, but yeah... im also feeling really really drawn to Idunna, not sure what that means but i still have a lot more "homework" to do.

thanks again for recommending these texts to me
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05:37am 27/07/2009 (UTC)
R: Idunna (Norse Goddess)
From reading everyone else's replies, you have a lot of great information to read through:)

If you feel drawn to Idunna, start there:) Give her some offerings and the like, see what comes of it:)

I'm glad the books have helped, and you're very welcome:)
picword: Idunna (Norse Goddess)
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