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(no subject)
 polytheists - (trip_tych)
11:41pm 07/02/2009
trip_tych posting in Livejournal Polytheists
Name: trip_tych, I also appear on various forums as parallax and parallaxreality.
Age: 25
Region: upstate NY
Path: Heathen-leaning member of ADF
No patron deities as of yet.
Religious history: My father is a pretty staunch atheist and didn't want my brothers or I to be indoctrinated in any religion. My mother is a lapsed Catholic and didn't mind. She did take us to Sunday Mass on occasion because my grandmother sang in the choir (and had everyone over afterwards for a big, Italian Sunday dinner). Well anyway, my father is big into sci-fi and fantasy and both my parents are nature-lovers so I grew up immersed in my own little world of magic and nature spirits and such. Around 13 or 14 I got ahold of The Spiral Dance and spent most of junior high and high school exploring Paganism. I fell out of practice in college. Afterwards, a friend introduced me to ADF and I've been working on the Dedicant Path for the last...2.5 years.
Books that have impacted my spirituality: The Eddas, The Spiral Dance, American Gods, D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths.
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