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Are you a Pagan in the Midwest? Have 10 minutes to spare?
 polytheists - (novelog)
11:20pm 17/07/2009
I'm a college student interested in writing an article on people's experiences as pagans living in the Midwest. More specifically, I'd like to see if there are any specific boons or burdens that come with living in the area--is it easier for you to be theistic in the Midwest than on the Coasts (for those of you that have lived in both)? Have you ever experienced religious prejudice? What about interfaith collaboration? Are our reservations/worries perhaps more imagined than real?

I'm interested in ultimately compiling the responses in an article for submission to a pagan publication (such as the fall issue of Thorn Magazine), so if you object to your comments being made public, please move along. However, your anonymity will be maintained, so you don't have to worry about being identified. The survey should only take 10-15 minutes, so I'd be really grateful if you'd take the time to answer the survey. If you'd like to contact me about the project, don't hesitate to do so at webmistress[at]linden-leaves[dot]com. Thanks!

Take the Survey!

Cross-posted to solitarywiccans. If you'd like to pass this along to your friends, by all means, please do so. And mods, if this violates community guidelines, delete at your discretion.
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