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Finding a patron
 polytheists - (tybaltbroods)
04:01pm 22/07/2009
Ty posting in Livejournal Polytheists
 So Im beginning to wonder who my divine patron is,  I am fairly sure that The god or Goddess will be from the Nordic or Celtic Pantheon

what im wondering is are there any good books in the study of either of these pantheons that someone can steer me towards for my own benefit of knowing more about them

thanks in advance!

oh and Merry meet! im new here. 
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12:12am 23/07/2009 (UTC)
I'm sorry if I sounded snarkier than I meant to--but I also didn't know why you were going after Norse/Celtic. Sometimes people can be very arbitrary about who/what they're going after. "I'm beginning to wonder who my divine patron is" sounded a lot like you expected to have one.

You could start journaling to try and pick up hints and then aggregate them for future reference. Some strange coincidence involving water happened weekly? That could be a clue. Etc. etc.

If you feel like someone is trying to contact you, you might want to read this post on deity communication. Keep in mind that it is only one viewpoint out there, however.

I found Essential Asatru by Diana L. Paxson useful when I was first starting out. As far as Norse/Anglo-Saxson paganism is concerned, Encyclopedia Mythica is a good online resource, as is Englatheod.org. I merely commented as I did because Tyr found me first before I had any idea that it would be the Aesir and Vanir that wanted me--I found Heathenry through my patron. But people do have different experiences--as numerous as there are individuals.

Good luck in searching.

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