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Finding a patron
 polytheists - (tybaltbroods)
04:01pm 22/07/2009
Ty posting in Livejournal Polytheists
 So Im beginning to wonder who my divine patron is,  I am fairly sure that The god or Goddess will be from the Nordic or Celtic Pantheon

what im wondering is are there any good books in the study of either of these pantheons that someone can steer me towards for my own benefit of knowing more about them

thanks in advance!

oh and Merry meet! im new here. 
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(no subject)
11:57pm 23/07/2009 (UTC)
what from my post led you to believe that i was gonna go shopping for a Deity, all i said was that i was certain i knew the actual pantheon the God or Goddess would be from ( admittedly i didn't explain why, but do i have to explain a feeling?) but that i was honestly very un-educated about them and wished to learn more about the pantheons as a whole.
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